Teaching Philosophy

Music is the voice of the soul…

Maybe this quote is overused, but I think there is truth to it. I believe music is one of the most powerful tools of self-expression available to us. As a teacher, my goal is to foster a love for music through playing the violin. I believe in helping students harness the tools to express themselves freely through this beautiful instrument.

Lessons I Teach

Beginning Violin

These lessons are tailored specifically to those who have never played violin before or those with little experience on the violin. I teach beginners of all ages starting as young as 10 with a focus on building a strong foundation for violin playing. This includes proper playing technique, note reading, and developing a sense of pitch. At this level, lessons are 30 min in length on a weekly basis.

Intermediate Violin

Intermediate level lessons are for those who have successfully developed a strong playing foundation. At the intermediate level, lessons will focus on continuing to learn technique as well as solo and ensemble repertoire with an emphasis on developing a powerful sense of musicality along the way. At this level, lessons are either 45 min or 60 min in length on a weekly basis, depending on the needs of the student.